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Wholesale Information

Contact Katie for a wholesale DISCOUNT CODE before your first order ! (2x+mark recommended to match retail prices)

Minimum opening order is $150 with credit card payment required prior to shipping. Subsequent orders can be Net 30 days upon request. Reorder minimum is $100. 

shipping terms

Shipping is USPS or FEDEX; charged by weight (5-20lbs $20, over 20lbs $30) Please allow 7-10 business days for your items to ship.

original artwork disclaimer

Katie feels the same way about art as she feels about apple pie: homemade is best ! That’s why Jeanbird is committed to always making one-of-a-kind handmade original paintings. So when you order, please remember that while the sayings, composition and overall feel of the paintings you purchase remain consistent with their corresponding images shown on this site, colors and patterns will vary with each piece. This originality keeps Jeanbird fresh and unique... It’s one of the things Katie values most in her work… and hopes you do too ! 

returns and exchanges

Undamaged paintings may be exchanged within 90 days. Sorry, no returns.