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Handmade Original

Mia's birds NOT FOR SALE

$ 6.23

An original mixed media painting handmade by Katie! For Mia only, forever and ever.

Please specify what size you would like (8x8, 8x10, 10x10), what colors you would like, and the phrase or saying you would like.

Don't be shy, use this as much as you would like, forever and ever. For you, friends, family, colleagues or strangers. The price is $6.23 because June 23 was the first day I came to NP at Shelter 1 and met YOU ! 

Always remember that you are strong, brave, smart, beautiful, and so so loved. You have given me and so many people so much- You gracefully & genuinely give, sharing ALL of the love languages with complete strangers and dear friends who have become family- it's unreal really, your generosity and care. I am endlessly thankful for the impact you have had on my life. I "adore" you! And I love you, too ;-) Now go win your New York! 

xoxo katieleese 

PS I'm "not not" tearing up as I write this- I'm gonna miss you so much.

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